There is nothing to do; Everything had been done! NOW ALIGN!

We had come from the past where everything had been written, to make true, what is happening now.

So do not think you need to force something, everything has been done, but still we need you. Dont align by strengthen your mind.  Align by letting go! This is absolute! You make the world going round by listening to voices who will make you to continue your actions.

Created by past, created by your growth in old habbits and experience, you will absolutely fail. Listen to the hopis latest speech: “This is the hour!” Look forward entering into the great stream, as close as you can to the centre of the stream.

In other terms I anounced the big change in 2008 and 2009. I will translate it in one of the next posts. But now jump. This is the hour! Now is the hour!

Go on with your daily work, friendly and calm, you can do nothing. Dont be angry, dont allow that anybody make you fear, not from outside, not from inside. Keep your head up whilst the big stream is carrying you to your destination. Nobody will be harmed while he is letting go and trusting into the big streams wave, which is carrying you, which will carry you.

It always happened – but now be aware of it! 

This makes the big difference!

Thank you for listening. RamanandNath


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